Lexvss D7- Dust Collector Robot Vacuum Cleaner Low Noise Robot Vacuum

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  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner Self-cleaning dust box, no need to clean the garbage frequently
  • Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2.8L large dust bag. Clean only once a month
  • Special dust bag design, the entrance will be automatically closed when extracting
  • Super suction up to 8000 Pa for deep cleaning of your room.
  • Unique 2-in-1 combination of rubber and brush for better cleaning while avoiding hair tangles.
  • Equipped with a 350ml intelligent control water tank, mopping, sweeping and vacuuming three-in-one.
  • Fast delivery from European warehouse, 3 years warranty, 15 days return policy.
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner Equipped with a dust collector that integrates charging and dust collection. After each cleaning, the robot will automatically suck the collected dust into the dust collector Robot Vacuum Cleaner.
  • The 2.8L dust bucket can store up to 1 month of dust without frequent cleaning. At the same time, the specially designed dust bag will automatically close the air outlet when it is taken out to avoid dust overflow.
  • robot vacuum The leading intelligent laser navigation system, which is more efficient, smarter, more intuitive and more predictive than gyroscope and vision products, cleans the entire area in an orderly manner
  • Thanks to the easily switchable Nswitch system, the robot can easily switch between dust and water tanks. In the dust box mode, it can clean and vacuum, and in the water tank mode, it can clean and mop.
  • APP Control: A smartphone app that allows you to select cleaning modes, schedule cleaning times, select suction and mopping power levels, and observe cleaning history to control the robot.
    3-in-1 Design Brush: A unique design that combines a brush and a rubber brush, with both the high-efficiency cleaning ability of a brush and the advantages of a rubber brush that does not easily tangle hair
  • Virtual map, the robot will map your entire house before starting to clean, save and find the fastest and most efficient route. You can view interactive maps within the app.
    Smart Connectivity: You can connect your robot to virtual assistants that control Alexa and Google Home by voice. You can perform various voice controls such as start cleaning, stop cleaning, send the robot to the charging base.
  • Intelligent navigation LDS4.0. The robot scans and maps your home for 360º identification. Plan the fastest, most efficient, orderly and smart route to clean every room in your home. This innovative technology makes the Neatsvor S600 an extremely intelligent robot.
  • The Nwater control system of the robot can easily use the APP to control the water output of the mopping floor, which is suitable for your different cleaning requirements, different ground materials and different weather conditions. The large 350ml water tank saves you from adding water during the cleaning process.
  • Its clean by area lets you choose which rooms to clean. This is ideal for cleaning high-traffic areas or rooms that require deep cleaning.
  • Set up a restricted area with a border to cover the areas you don’t want to clean. This robot is perfect for all your cleaning needs.
  • Select spot cleaning mode to send the robot to a specific location on the map for deep cleaning, such as under a bed or table.
  • NSurface 2.0 technology cleans the entire surface area of ​​your home. If the robot’s battery runs out, it will automatically return to the charging dock in the fastest way possible, recharge the battery, and then remove it again to complete the cleaning.
  • It’s programmable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can set when the robot will run. In addition, suction and water output can also be set
  • NSilence technology makes the sound less than 64dB when the robot is running, it will not disturb your normal life
  • 5200mAh high-capacity lithium battery, can run continuously for 2.5 hours. (*under optimal cleaning conditions: hard floors, low friction and medium obstacles)
  • Thanks to the robot’s precise positioning system, it will automatically return to the charging base after cleaning, without intervention, fully automatic
  • The triple filtration system and high-efficiency filtration HEPA can filter a large number of allergens and dust and purify the air. 600ml large capacity dust box can store more dust and debris
  • The 2cm ultra-high obstacle ability allows the robot to easily climb on carpets and various obstacles, and the 9.8cm height allows the robot to easily enter the sofa or bed for cleaning
  • Multi-sensing system: automatic adjustment when encountering obstacles, bottom height detection to prevent falling from stairs
  • Neatsvor, your home assistant

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