Lexvss D5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Custom Design Smart Mopping Robot

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  1. A new generation of brushless electric suction/suction
  2. The way to upgrade the SoC / the way to quickly locate the upgrade and clean
  3. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Gyro Navigation/Map Navigation
  4. Suction/Wet Mop Speed Settings
  5. 3-block water volume adjustment / 350ml electronically controlled water tank
  6. Anti-drop/anti-collision/7.5 cm (2.9 inch) thinner design/1.5 cm (0.59 inch) obstacle
  7. Boundary/Point/Path/Clean/Scheduled Clean Mode
  8. 2600-5200 mAh Li-Ion Li-Ion battery selection / automatic charging
  9. Wi-Fi App real-time remote control
  10. Connect Alexa/Google Home voice assistant
  11. OTA online upgrade/voice service
  12. 3 Warranty Period / After 15 Days
  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Professional 3-in-1 Robot Sweeper: Sweep, vacuum and mop in an orderly and smart way using Wi-Fi and an app.
  • Smart Mopping Robot Sweeping, vacuuming or mopping can be done at the same time by replacing the dust and water tank at the rear
  • The latest Smart Navigation 3.0 system, equipped with gyroscope, proximity shock-proof, anti-drop sensor, is more efficient, intelligent, intuitive and predictable
  • APP Control: Smartphone app with map to schedule cleaning time, select suction and water speed when mopping
  • Remote control: With the included remote control, you can control the robot more conveniently at home
  • Its virtual map system will show you a map of the house right in the app. The robot will create a map while cleaning. Also, you can see it later in the cleaning history. The robot creates a different map each time, and thanks to its intelligence, it improves cleaning routes.
  • With its new virtual voice technology, you can connect your robot to virtual assistants that control Alexa and Google Home by your voice. You can perform various voice controls such as start cleaning, stop cleaning, send the robot to the charging base.
  • Smart Mopping Robot Two-in-one design brush: The unique design of the combination of brush and rubber brush has the advantages of high-efficiency cleaning ability of brush and rubber brush that does not easily entangle hair
  • With memory control, the robot can remember the route, find the fastest and most efficient cleaning route, and return to the charging base when cleaning is complete. With this system, the robot can perfectly know where it is, it has passed, and there is no past.
  • Brushless motor and unique cleaning power powerful suction design, up to 8000 suction power. Make sure your daily usage patterns continue and all the influence can be spread
    The robot has automatic charging technology.
  • You can clean the entire room by reducing the cleaning power. Choose a mode that’s perfect for everyday cleaning. Choose a mode that’s perfect for everyday cleaning, and choose from multiple modes at the same time.
  • NSilence technology allows the robot to operate with a sound less than 64dB, which will not make your normal life
  • It absorbs water 24 hours a day, 7 days a day, and the robot’s runtime can be set every day.
  • 2600-5200mAh large capacity-2 lithium battery, can run continuously for hours.
  • Triple filtration system and high-efficiency organic filtration original filter and EPA purification box can store more 600ml large-capacity dust and air.
  • Positioned with special labels, the system automatically returns to the seat after cleaning, and switches separately
  • Suitable for all types of floors and wonderful themes.
  • The 1.5cm obstacle capability allows the robot to easily climb the entrance and the 5.cm entrance, and the 7.cm height allows the robot to easily clean the underside of the sofa or bed without obstacles
  • The induction system automatically adjusts, and the bottom height detects obstacles falling down the stairs

1 review for Lexvss D5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Custom Design Smart Mopping Robot

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    Keeps your room neat and tidy at all times.

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