Robot Vacuum

A firm reason to buy Lexvss robot vacuums

  1. Sweeping and mopping in one: no more worries about ground cleaning

It can be said that the cleaning ability of the sweeping robot is also very amazing. The efficient cleaning method of sweeping and mopping can easily clean the dust and dust dog hair in the passing position. The side brushes on both sides collect dust by rotating, and then pass The air duct sucks the dust away, and even the fine dust will not be spared.

You use the robot vacuum cleaner to clean 90% of the garbage on the first day, and continue to clean it the next day, so the ground is definitely much cleaner than if you occasionally manually sweep it, which can be said for sure.

Just like the Lexvss D7 sweeping robot with a high suction power of up to 8000pa, it can be said that sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, covering all aspects, stubborn dust in the floor gap, strong suction, cleaning is the fundamental purpose. Gear 1 can sweep dust and hair; Gear 2 can sweep paper scraps and food scraps; Gear 3 can sweep cat food, melon seed shells; Gear 4 can sweep candy, etc.

  1. Anti-collision and anti-fall function

The current high-quality obstacle avoidance ability: like having a pair of eyes, I have a personal feeling about this. The Lexvss D7 sweeping robot has super obstacle avoidance ability.

When cleaning the ground daily, it does not hit the furniture, and can easily avoid the objects on the ground and the 2.0CM obstacle crossing function. When cleaning the ground daily, the sweeping robot has 9 sets of sensors to avoid collision and 3 sets of sensors to avoid falling. Even in complex environments, it can identify the best way to get out of trouble easily.

  1. Very convenient & save time

The fatigue of working every day, so when you come home from get off work, do you really want to clean it manually?

At this time, facing the cleaning needs of the ground, when you are lazy, you only need a sweeping robot to complete the cleaning work without hands, saving you two hours a day, which is 730 hours a year.

  1. Make family life more harmonious

In real life, I believe that many people quarrel about doing housework. When you don’t want to clean up, when you are facing such troubles, don’t you want to have a handy “cleaning artifact”? Owning a sweeping robot can solve your cleaning problems, and it can sweep and mop the floor at the same time, which can make family life more harmonious.

  1. Keeping pets shed hair

The hair that the pet sheds is not cleaned up for one day, and the next day it can be spread into a “natural carpet”. If it rains a little outside, the dog will step on the ground after returning home, and wake up every day to find pet hair flying all over the room. It’s a real headache. At this point, you must think how good it would be if someone took the initiative to clean the floor of the house every day to clean the hair lost by the pet, then the sweeping robot is the best choice.

5200mAh battery, ultra-long battery life 250㎡ after one scan: large-capacity battery, enhance battery life, intelligently identify battery usage, recharge in time, and continue scanning at break points.

After reading the above reasons, do you want to have such a good sweeping robot?