Robot Vacuum

Can the Lexvss robot vacuum really clean?

“Although it is difficult for the sweeping robot to deal with all the garbage, for example, some larger garbage sweeping robots cannot clean and need to pick it up by themselves, but the real coverage rate is much higher than that of manual cleaning.”

Can Robot Vacuum Cleaners Really Clean? The answer is: yes.

The real coverage of the sweeping robot is much higher than that of manual cleaning. The sweeping robot can clean the dead corners that we cannot clean. Although it is difficult to do one-time cleaning because of the path planning problem than manual cleaning, but repeated Sweeping (basically twice is enough) can fully meet the cleaning requirements. Because people can see where it is dirty, they will clean that place, but the sweeping robot is different, it will clean every corner of the house in place every time. Of course, you can also assign and control the sweeper to clean the dirty areas.

In addition, according to the cleaning coverage area, the sweeper can complete the cleaning of the bottom of the bed and the bottom of the sofa, which is difficult to clean manually. “Various cleaning methods can be changed, and corner cleaning is more worry-free”

“Intelligent anti-collision, anti-fall, automatic obstacle crossing”
Be sure to choose a more intelligent sweeping robot, so that no matter how the furniture is placed at home, as long as the sweeping robot scans once, you can know it, and you don’t have to worry about hitting the furniture. The same goes for the corners. With such an anti-collision function, you don’t have to worry about crashing furniture and sweeping robots.

With a robot vacuum cleaner with anti-fall function, you don’t have to worry about the robot sweeper falling down when it encounters stairs, but it will turn when it encounters stairs.

The more powerful the automatic obstacle-climbing function, the more complicated the environment will be. No matter what you encounter is a small slope, or books and ropes falling from the ground, or wires on the ground, etc., they will not be entangled with the owner, but Will go directly over obstacles or get out of complicated ropes.

“Automatic recharge to ensure cleaning efficiency”
The automatic recharging function is to automatically return to the charging pile to charge when the cleaning robot is finished cleaning or the power is lower than 20%. Not only that, but it will return to the unfinished place to continue working after being fully charged, so you don’t need to care about it at all, which greatly improves the cleaning efficiency.

“Path planning algorithm, regional customization, high efficiency, low repetition”
The sweeping robot will scan the items in the home and the home before starting work, and automatically update the cleaning map to plan the cleaning route. We can also give instructions to the sweeping robot in the restricted area in the APP. After the order is issued, the sweeping robot will not go again. Clean that place. Provides efficient cleaning and avoids repetitive cleaning.

“APP control, remote control, intelligent control”
As long as our APP is linked to the sweeping robot, it can be controlled by the APP. We can use the mobile APP to turn on the sweeping robot to clean after going out or before going home, so that we will come home clean. If the sound insulation of the home is not good, you can also turn on the sweeping robot to clean during the day. We can also directly set the daily scheduled cleaning.

All in all, the correct way to open the sweeper is to ensure that it has enough working space. Of course, whether the sweeper can clean or not depends on the product. Now Holoves sweeping robot can do a variety of cleaning methods, large-capacity lithium battery, high suction, multi-function, 4-level suction and adjustable water level, automatically increase the cleaning rate of each place when encountering a carpet, equipped with 600ml large-capacity garbage There are ordinary 350ml water tanks and independent 350ml electronically controlled water tanks, as well as two-in-one dust-proof water tanks, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping to achieve three-in-one. The planning-type sweeping robot is precisely positioned through the positioning and navigation system, constructs a cleaning map, and realizes comprehensive cleaning. Choose a planning-type sweeping robot.