Robot Vacuum

How to choose your favorite and suitable Robot Vacuum Cleaner ?

The sweeping robot is a very worthwhile household cleaning tool. How to filter out a sweeping machine that you like and suitable?

First, the function of the sweeper, according to your own needs, let the sweeper do something. Choose a sweeper according to your needs.

1), cleaning type: floor, tile, carpet, marble, etc., choose according to the situation of your own home. There is no need to pay special attention to the other three, but the carpet is different. If you buy a product that is not suitable for carpet, the cleaning effect may not be the best.

2), suction: Now the suction of the sweeping robot is above 2000pa, and the maximum suction can reach 8000pa. You can choose the size of the suction according to your household needs, the degree of dust, hair and litter.

3), battery and working time: the size of the battery will determine the length of the working time, so you can choose the size of the battery life according to your house area and floor. Usually, we can choose the one that suits us, because the current sweeper has a recharge function, and when the sweeping robot finishes cleaning or the power is lower than 20%, it will return to the charging pile for automatic charging. And it will return to the place where the last cleaning was not completed after the charging is completed to continue working.

4), APP intelligent control: if there is this function, it will definitely be much more convenient. The current sweeping robot is not only controlled by buttons and remote control, but also has WiFi function. After connecting to the APP, it can be controlled on the mobile phone, and it can also be directly controlled by voice. No matter where the sweeping robot goes, you can sit on the sofa and call it back.

Second, looking at the appearance and appearance, some people may say that appearance is a secondary factor, or should pay attention to its sweeping and mopping ability. I don’t think so. Buying household appliances or other household items is like looking for objects. Appearance is the first sense left to us, and a good appearance will bring you a pleasing feeling. A beautiful appliance in your home will make you feel better when you look at it.

  1. Obstacle avoidance ability and navigation path ability: If the obstacle avoidance ability of the sweeping robot is weak, the result will be either bumping everywhere, pushing small items when encountering small items, or measuring the obstacle ahead through the sensor. Avoid it from a distance.
    The sweeping robot with excellent obstacle avoidance ability calculates the distance between the sweeping robot and the obstacle through the feedback information from sensors and cameras. When approaching the obstacle, slow down and approach slowly, basically sticking to the obstacle without colliding.

4, the navigation path ability, use navigation to calculate the path of the home, because the home placement in each home is different, at this time, it is necessary to rely on the laser radar to navigate and scan. When the sweeping robot works for the first time, it will scan the entire house. Build a cleaning map, calculate the cleaning area and plan the cleaning route of the sweeping robot. And we can also choose the mode according to our own needs.
If the navigation path capability of the sweeping robot is weak, the direct result is that there is a phenomenon of missed scanning. If the cleaning of the home is not complete, it is more likely that the route will be disordered and there will be no logic.

5, cleaning ability: the above functions can be used as the judgment standard for cleaning ability, of course, you still have to choose according to your own needs, you can also choose the best, or you can choose the applicable one.

6, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping three-in-one: the current sweeping robots are basically three-in-one, which is much more convenient. A sweeping robot can solve the cleaning of the home, and there is no need to use a sweeper to clean the house. When you’re done, you’ll have to mop the floor yourself.

7, additional functions: suction adjustment, water level adjustment, water tank, dust tank, two-in-one dust-proof water tank, multiple cleaning methods, electronically controlled water tank, climbing ability, etc., are all additional function choices of the sweeper, you can see yourself needs to be selected.