Robot Vacuum

that can free hands -self Lexvss Intelligent Sweeping Robot

Wondering how to free your hands? If you hate doing housework, come here。

If you ask me what housework I hate the most, I will answer you without hesitation: “sweeping the floor”.

But my wife said that as a member of the family, I have to share the housework, so I sweep and mop the floor every weekend, but the dust in the house, the dog’s hair and the wife’s hair really annoy me. No matter how hard they try, those stubborn ones will always hide in the corners, no matter how hard they are to clean up.

But today I saw the D5 robot vacuum cleaner from Holoves, and I bought it decisively. The delivery time happened to be a weekend. I immediately opened the outer box and took it out to try it out. A fog blue coat with tempered glass on the top looks extraordinarily beautiful and clean.

But the battery was not a lot at first, so I decided to fully charge it before turning it on. It surprised me too much. I thought I needed to charge it for a day, but I didn’t expect it to be fully charged in five hours. I just went out for an appointment and could use it when I got home.

I turned it on immediately, and it started to move. I thought the sound would disturb us, but I didn’t think that the noise of the sweeper was very small, which made me even more satisfied. After a while, the bottom of the bed was cleaned. The height is only 7-8 cm, and the bottom of the bed can also be easily cleaned. I opened the trash can and was surprised. The bottom was very dirty. We couldn’t clean it so cleanly by hand.

The second battlefield is the carpet in the living room. There is not only my wife’s hair but also dog hair on it. Every time I clean it, I have a headache the day before, but it seems to be very easy to clean the floor sweeper. The carpet has been swept.

I was curious about such a great sweeping robot, so I read the introduction of the D5 sweeper, and then I realized that this sweeper is specially suitable for carpets and floors, with a suction power of up to 8000pa, no matter how deep the garbage is Can’t escape the suction of the sweeper.

And it seems to have a recharge function, that is, it will automatically return to the charging pile to charge when the cleaning is completed or the power is lower than 20%. At first, I was worried about what to do if I forget to charge it sometimes, but now I don’t have to worry about it at all.

After the sweeper was cleaned, I went to check the bottom of the bed, the carpet, the bottom of the sofa and every corner. It was really clean, and my wife was very satisfied. Finally, I didn’t have to sweep it clean and was scolded by my wife. After the sweeper is finished, install a mop and add water to it, and you can start mopping the floor. It really helped me a lot.

The sweeping robot with the anti-collision function does not need to care about how the home is placed, because it can avoid it perfectly and well. I feel that my life has become happier after having the D5 robot vacuum cleaner from Holoves, adding more beauty to my life.