Robot Vacuum

Do you need a robot vacuum in your life?

  1. Is the sweeping robot easy to use?
    Most people are wondering whether the robot vacuum cleaner is useful or not, but for me, it is very easy to use, and I also feel relaxed. After all, I am also a bit lazy. With the robot vacuum cleaner, I am also liberated and can be lazy for a while.

The sweeping robot is one of the smart living appliances, which can automatically clean the home floor with simple artificial intelligence.

Generally speaking, the cleaning function is completed by brushing and vacuuming to absorb the dust and debris on the ground into its own garbage storage box. Then the robots that sweep, vacuum, and wipe the floor are collectively referred to as sweeping robots. So for some friends who go to work early and get off work late, you can consider having a sweeping robot that allows you to relax and be lazy.

  1. Is the sweeping robot clean?

The sweeping robot can navigate by itself, clean the ground for garbage and dust, and there are two side brushes that can clean the corners and the ground very cleanly, and the cleaning is better.

Moreover, under the combined action of sweeping and vacuuming, the cleaned dust can be better sent to the garbage dust box, and the suction power of the basic sweeping robot will be very clean at 2000pa.

The sweeping robot is a mobile device that can be automated, and then, together with a device that has a dust box to vacuum, set a control path to walk indoors to complete the same cleaning as a human.

  1. How to choose a cleaning robot?
  2. The suction of the sweeping robot

Suction is an important function of the cleaning robot to clean the ground. The suction of the sweeping robot is basically above 2000pa, which can ensure the basic cleaning ability. The Lexvss sweeper has a maximum suction power of 8000pa, and a total of 4 levels of suction power can be adjusted.

  1. The obstacle avoidance ability of the sweeping robot

The obstacle avoidance ability of the sweeping robot is achieved by lidar obstacle avoidance and TOF obstacle avoidance. The working principle of lidar is that a signal is emitted by the radar transmitting system, and then reflected by the target and collected by the receiving system, and then measured by The travel time of the reflected light determines the distance to the target. so as to avoid obstacles. TOF wall sensor is used for low obstacle detection.

  1. The navigation ability of the sweeping robot

Laser navigation: Automatically detect and update the cleaning map during the sweeping process, and can also detect objects in the home, which can avoid collisions well in the home.