Robot Vacuum

Where is the magic of the Lexvss robot vacuum cleaner?

Why did the sweeping robot become the sweeping robot, and where is its magical place? How do help us sweep the floor automatically? How to avoid obstacles? If you know, it will definitely be more helpful when you choose!

① Suction
The normal suction range is 1500~3200Pa. This suction can suck objects the size of soybeans. The higher the suction power, the more clean it can be. In addition to the high suction power, the cleaning effect will be better if other configurations are used together.

At present, the Holoves D7 has achieved a maximum suction power of 8000Pa. For normal sized candies, dust, hair are no problem.

② Cleaning method

The cleaning effect of the brushes on both sides is better. Sweep to the front of the main brush, and then let the main brush inhale, so that there will be no flying garbage.

The most powerful thing about the roller brush is the design of the double-effect combined glue brush. One sweeps into the dirt, and the other removes the dirt. The combination is more effective, and the hair will not be entangled at all. It is not perfect, but compared to others Good effect and easy to clean up too.

③ Navigation
This is a very critical planning and navigation function, and is an important key to “where the sweeping robot can sweep – coverage rate”. If the robot does not even know the road, it cannot avoid obstacles well, and there is no good algorithm to plan the route. So isn’t it a mentally retarded robot?

Holoves D7 has laser navigation: based on lidar probe, LDS lidar system, 360-degree automatic scanning detection, update cleaning map, real-time positioning system drawing model. The most intelligent way at present, high-end robot configuration

④ Water tank and dust box

  1. Independent electronically controlled water tank: The task of the water tank is to store and discharge water. It is best to store more water and discharge evenly. Electronically controlled water tank, the water is evenly distributed, and it is more intimate to use. The electric control water tank is preferred. The size of the D7 electric control water tank has a capacity of 350ml. Enough for home use.
  2. Dust box capacity: The size of the dust box determines how often the robot needs to be dumped manually, so it is not too small. 600ml of dust box is enough for a family.

⑤ Obstacle Avoidance Ability
Obstacle avoidance and navigation are also very important. They are regarded as a major factor in whether the robot is intelligent or not. Whether it can intelligently bypass obstacles. The D7 sweeping robot is equipped with various sensors, so that it can bypass obstacles without contact and has the ability to overcome obstacles. at 18mm.

⑥ Voice intelligent control
Through Google and Amazon Alexa voice control, you can also clean regularly, even if you don’t have time to watch the sweeper clean it doesn’t matter, when you get home, your home is already clean. Simple and easy to operate and very smart

⑦ Others
Noise: ≤65db, very quiet, will not disturb upstairs or rest at noon at all.

Battery capacity: The battery capacity of the robot, various modes, and its own type determine the battery life. The Lexvss D7 robot vacuum cleaner has a 5200mAh lithium battery. 150 minutes of work time is totally fine.

Climbing ability: There must be high and low ground and roadblocks in the home. The D7 sweeper has an obstacle-surmounting ability of 18mm, which can easily be crossed for some roadblocks in the home.

3-in-1 function: The Holoves sweeper has the three-in-one function of sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. There is no need for the sweeper to sweep the floor and you need to drag it again. All can be done by the sweeping robot.